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The number of visitors travelling to Mauritius essentially for windsurfing and kitesurfing is increasing rapidly.  Mauritius offers exceptionally high standards and represents unparalleled value.  It is blessed with beautiful beaches, embraced by the currents of the warm Indian Ocean and almost entirely encompassed by coral reefs – minimising shark activity.

Windsurfers and kitesurfers of the world are now unanimous about the fact that the Le Morne area is one of the best spots in the world for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Le Morne is best for kiters and windsurfers of intermediary to good levels as it is on the extreme side in terms of wind and especially sea (current) conditions. If you are unsure about your ability to safely enjoy this extraordinary spot, we suggest you consider one of the other 16 spots around Mauritius that also offer great kitesurfing conditions.

The main regions in Mauritius for kitesurfing are:

Cap Malheureux, Trou aux Biches, Belle Mare, Ile aux Cerfs, Pointe d'Esny, Flic en Flac, Poste Lafayette and Le Morne.  There are also various kitesurf schools and shops all over Mauritius.


Trou-aux-Biches:  This is not a hugely popular kitesurf area, as it requires winds from the North-West or South-West that occur very rarely (often after cyclones.).  It is not suitable for beginners as it involves sailing outside the lagoons (downwind to Bain Boeuf) because the Mont Choisy lagoon is very popular for speedboat related watersport.
Bain-Boeuf: This is mostly for "ins and outs" with great possibilities of surfing and wave jumping when going across the reefs. The start may be difficult and may require some dragging in order to avoid the rocks near the shore. The reefs and some parts of the lagoon are very shallow. Good only when the wind is North-East to North-West.

Cap Malheureux: This area offers a very smooth sea surface but is really for those of intermediary to confirmed levels due to the difficulty of getting started and the many speedboats in the water. Good for kiting under nearly all wind directions but not suitable for Windsurfing due to the shallowness of the water.

Anse La Raie, and Butte a l’herbe:  These spots are all in the same lagoon. Due to the difficulty of starting off around the rocks and the shallowness of the lagoon during low tides, both are suitable for intermediary to confirmed kiters. Butte a l’herbe is best with North-East to South-East winds while Anse La Raie is to be avoided under South-East (onshore) conditions. Not suitable for Windsurfing in low tides.

Where to Stay – Hotels in the North

  • Calodyne sur Mer (2 Star)
  • Paul & Viriginie Hotel (3 Star Superior)
  • Marina Resort (3 Star Superior)
  • Legends (5 Star)


The East coast / South-East coast of Mauritius offer excellent sites for kitesurfers and windsurfers of all levels. For the beginners, the "side / onshore" winds offer safety provided they start away from the shore. For confirmed kiters the coast offers a 22 Km long lagoon; windsurfers should be careful about the numerous ergs and sand banks, especially in low tide. As the prevailing winds are from the South-East or East, there is no land rise to accelerate the wind; kiting conditions are best when the announced prevailing winds are at least of 15 Knots (28 Km/hr.) The lagoons of the East are great for downwind trips that it is recommend making only when accompanied by a speedboat.

The drawbacks
Conditions are best between April and November. The lagoons count several passes and channels with strong currents pulling outside the reefs; we would therefore recommend windsurfing / kitesurfing well inside the lagoons.
Eastern lagoons are irregular in depth and the numerous coral patches are threats, especially when using formula boards with long fins.
The best spots all along the East coast are the Belle Mare, Pointe d’Esny and Blue Bay spots but Kitesurfers are the luckiest as they can also enjoy shallower spots for gliding over flat surfaces in Poste Lafayette, namely La Colombiere for beginners, Trou d’Eau Douce and especially l’ Ile aux Cerfs.

Where to stay – Hotels in the South East & East:

  • Le Preskil Beach Resort. (4 Star) – South East
  • Blue Lagoon (3 Star) – South East
  • The Shandrani Hotel (5 star) – South East.  This hotel was the first to host the most important Kitesurf event of Mauritius every year. The Shandrani has its own in-house kite school and centre.
  • The Belle Mare Plage Hotel & Golf resort. (5 Star Superior) – East.  This beach / area is a great place to start and land with onshore wind.


On the Southern end of the West coast  you generally find the best Kite and windsurfing conditions. Beginners and confirmed kiters can enjoy the vastness of the La Prairie / Baie du Cap lagoon, providing a shallow and safe environment and allows downwind glides to Le Morne. For this reason the X-Kiting centre and school has set base in this region.   (The lagoon of La Prairie is too shallow for windsurfing.)

The Le Morne spot is the best of all spots of Mauritius. Due to the landscape that strongly boosts the prevailing South-Easterly winds in winter and due to a very specific and local thermal wind in summer, this spot offers ideal conditions 11 months of the year with February being the exception.

Drawbacks of Le Morne Spot
The spot is always crowded, especially on weekends where there are several swimmers in addition to kiters and windsurfers.   
Strong currents can take the beginners by surprise and pull them outside the lagoon in seconds.
Rescue outside the lagoon is not an easy task due rough sea conditions and swells.

The La Preneuse and Flic en Flac spots are adequate essentially for kiters of intermediary to confirmed levels and only when the wind is thermal, from the West or North-West, (i.e. mainly outside winter period.) They are good spots to start and sail downwind to Le Morne.

The Drawbacks:
The space on shore is limited.  There are several boats and swimmers during weekends.  The thermal winds may cease at any moment.

Where to stay – Hotels:

  • The Berjaya Mauritius Hotel (4 Star). Right on the kitesurf and windsurf spot of Le Morne. There is a kite school and rental down the beach.
  • Indian Resort & Spa (4 Star).  The hotel has a brilliant location at “One Eye” and a kitesurf school called Le Club Mistral which also offers a limited kite repair service.
  • Le Telfair Golf & Spa (5 Star Superior).  This hotel has a great location plus a 18 hole championship golf course – green fees are free for hotel residents.

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