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Kenya offers you a chance to experience a natural world largely unchanged by the passage of time. The Kenyan wilderness is home to an endless array of ecosystems, the staging ground for natural cycles of life, death and regeneration as old as the planet itself. This sultry country offers interesting things to see, beaches to relax on and beautiful nature reserves to visit. 

While safaris and beach holidays are the most popular, Kenya has a vibrant mixture of architecture, cultures and entertainment.


is the capital and largest city in Kenya.  Tourism is an important part of the Nairobi economy and this vibrant city offers visitors a variety of attractions from various Hindu and Sikh temples to a snake park and a giraffe centre.  The city offers a well-developed infrastructure, excellent hotels, and fine food. 

The popular Nairobi National Park is only 15 minutes from the centre of Nairobi. Recently designated as a rhino sanctuary, the park is now home to more than 50 rhinos who were moved from locations where poaching was widespread.  Over 80 species of mammals can be found in Nairobi National Park including gazelles, buffaloes, warthogs, lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes and ostriches and more than 550 bird species have been recorded in the wetland area of the park. Most animals live in the park seasonally and migrate according to the time of the year, the rhinos stay in the park all the year round.  At the main gates is the Animal Orphanage where young abandoned animals are nursed back to health.

The coastal city Mombasa is a bustling city with a history stretching back to the 12th century.  Hot and humid, Mombasa is the biggest port on the east coast of Africa, service five different countries and is situated at the beginning of the only railway that crosses the Kenyan interior.  As Kenya’s oldest and second largest town, Mombasa is a thriving city with true African hospitality.  Although Mombasa’s main docks are now a vast modern port, one can still see plenty of the traditional wooden dhow vessels which have sailed the waters for years.  It is even possible to take a trip on one around the local coast or try a moonlit evening cruise for the ultimate in stargazing.  The Old Town retains a strong Arab flavour and is the true heart of the city.  It has an intricate pattern of winding streets alive with the colours of the traditional wrap-around clothing, crammed with faded houses and street sellers with the aroma of heavy spices lingering in the air.

The Great Migration:  The annual migration of wildlife between the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya takes place between June and September. The migration of almost two million wildebeest, zebras and other species is one of natures greatest and awe inspiring spectacles on earth.

The Great Rift Valley:  It is said that the plates of the Rift Valley are tearing Africa apart.  This 6000 mile fissure stretches from Lebanon to Mozambique and one of its most dramatic sections, slices through Kenya, dividing it into two.  The two arms of the Y are the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. The stem of the Y is the Great Rift Valley and eventually, over millions of years, as the rift deepens and widens, surrounding waters will rush in to create a new gulf, or sea.
Arguably one of the most beautiful wonders of the world, the staggering view, as you approach from Nairobi is quite unbelievable.

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Kenya enjoys a tropical climate. It is hot and humid at the coast, temperate inland and very dry in the north and northeast parts of the country.  There is plenty of sunshine all the year round and summer clothes are worn throughout the year. However, it is usually cool at night and early in the morning.

The long rains occur from April to June and short rains from October to December. The rainfall is sometimes heavy and when it does come it often falls in the afternoons and evenings. The hottest period is from February to March and coldest in July to August.

Go to our Weather Page for current forecasts and more

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Time:Local time in Kenya is GMT +3 hours

Electricity:240 volts, 50Hz. UK-style square three-pin plugs are used.

Language:  Even though English is the official languate, Swahili is the national language, with 42 ethnic languages spoken.

Telephone dialling codes:  The international dialling code for Kenya is +254. The outgoing code is 000 followed by the relevant country code (e.g. 00027 for South Africa).

Currency / Money:  The official currency is the Kenya Shilling.  Visitors should change foreign currency at banks, bureux de change or authroised hotels.  Travellers cheques and credit cards are widely accpeted.  Before leaving Kenya, travellers are advised to convert any excess Kenya Schilling into foregn currency as they are difficult to exchange elsewhere.

Note: Please go to our Currency Converter for the latest rates.


Tipping:Tipping is not customary in Kenya.  However, small change may be offered to taxi drivers, waiters and porters.  In upmarket restaurants, a 10% service charge may be added to your bill. When on safari, many of the staff in the camps and lodges (from drivers, guides, waiters and cooks) rely heavily on tips to get by.  These tips are at the travellers own discretion.

Passports & visas:  Certain passport holders require visas to visit Kenya.  Please ensure that your passport is valid for more than 6 months after your intended departure form Kenya.

Note:  Entry requirements change, sometimes with little notice.  Please CHECK with your World Wide Travel West Coast consultant regarding updates at the time of making a travel enquiry.

Health Requirements:  The information shown below is general with regard to health requirements.  These do change on a regular basis so check with your World Wide Travel West Coast consultant at the time of making a travel enquiry.

  • Compulsory vaccinations:  Yellow Fever.
  • Recommended vaccinations:  Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, Meningitis and Cholera
  • Precautions:  Malaria Prophylaxis & advisable to drink bottled water

Note:  The information shown below is general with regard to health requirements.  These do change on a regular basis so check with your World Wide Travel West Coast consultant at the time of making a travel enquiry

General:  It is not advised to take photographs of official buildings and embassies.


Please contact us for details on accommodation in Kenya.

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